Who are your favourite Melbourne local characters?


One of the best things about living in Melbourne is learning who the local characters are. You know, the local personalities who might seem crazy to outsiders, but are a lovable part of the city’s fabric to locals. Who are your favourite local Melbourne characters?

There’s quite a few around – we’ve heard of quite a few eccentric blokes who make quite a habit out of dancing in public, sometimes even shirtless.

Then there’s the street performers (or at least, we think they’re street performers) who can put on a show unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere.

There’s people who carry around giant plastic pieces of fruit for no apparent reason, people with highly unusual haircuts and and the locals who will swear profusely at you for no apparent reason before walking away.

Who are your favourite Melbourne local characters around town?


  1. Dzia – a theatrical street performer who improvises all of his material on the spot. He has some philosophical gems that get lost with the intimidated Melbourne passers by. To any outsider he appears nuts, but he challenges the crowds to break away from their insular, sane bubble and listen to their surroundings. He can be found on Swanston Street or in the tunnels under Flinders Street 5 – 6 nights a week. I once busked with him – a truly surreal experience.