How can we improve the myki system in Melbourne?


Now that Metcards have been completely withdrawn from service, a number of us are still struggling to get to grips with the new myki system. Although it offers a number of great improvements – the ability to carry a card instead of fumbling around for spare change, and cheaper myki weekend fares – there’s still many, many things which can be done to improve myki. What are your ideas?

Some of the most common complaints include a lack of short-term travel card options, especially for tourists visiting Melbourne. Some of us wonder why the Oyster scheme in London refunds tourists when they return an Oyster card at the end of their holiday, yet myki doesn’t!

It also takes a notoriously long time for online top-ups to be applied to your card – reports of three or more days are quite common. This is due to the way myki manages top-ups – every single myki touch on point needs to be updated with all top-up data on a daily basis, and this apparently takes a few days to filter out in the system. Can you come up with a better system than this?

There’s also the persistent claims that myki is incorrectly charging fares – although we’ve found the MykiLeaks website is a great tool for checking this. According to MykiLeaks, they calculate at least $40,000 in overcharged myki fares each week!

What are your ideas for improving the myki system in Melbourne?


  1. 1. Get rid of ‘zones’. It should be a flat rate for 2 hours or a daily ticket. Regardless of how far you’re travelling. If you live so close, ride a bike.

    2. More touch on and touch off points at stations
    – Why not put these touch on and touch off points in the train so we all don’t have to line up.

    3. If trains are late or cancelled there should be a punishment for Metro. We the commuters who pay top dollar to ride the trains are not compensated for the service that hasn’t been provided.
    The fare should not be deducted if you get off a train that has ran late or a train previously was cancelled.

  2. Copy the systems that work in other parts of the world, ie Japan, Singapore, even the system in New York is way better

  3. Refundable cards like Brisbane
    Cards that never lose their credit
    Instant online topup (I’ve waited a week & still not processed)
    Cheaper topup machines for newsagents so they can bring back the old local PT ticket places
    Ability to use credit card without a PIN
    More forgiving appeals system for fines

  4. Get our talented Aussie programmers to streamline the code instead of inexperienced international conglomerates

  5. In my opinion, it might be good to buy something at convenience stores or something using myki like PASMO(Japanese Pass).

  6. The online top up should be processed instantly like machine top up. It is a pain to have to use the machine when rushing to work in the morning.

  7. Make the touch on/off speed faster. Sometimes it takes an eternity to read the card, which causes too much congestion at the gates.

  8. Either sell day tickets or give out mykis for free (or refund upon returning them)-it’s ridiculous to have to pay twice just because you don’t have your myki on you on that day.

    Also, they should offer a price reduction if you’re making the same journey consistently; like package tickets. It would make me consider walking into town a lot less.

  9. Melbourne is now the only large city that doesn’t have a short-term ticketing system.
    Bring back a single ticket option, at the very least for the poor tourists.

  10. Improve reception/tagging on efficiency – it takes far too long for the reader to recognise the card. It *is* possible to have an RFID based system that doesn’t take centuries of embarrassment in front of a line of angry commuters (see: Perth’s SmartRider).

    And yeah, instant topups.


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