If Melbourne was a Monopoly board, what would it look like?


We’re all very familiar with the traditional UK Monopoly board, but what do you reckon Melbourne would look like as a realistic Monopoly board?

What would the most expensive properties be? Which worst suburbs in Melbourne would be relegated to the start of the board? Now that we think of it, picking the suburbs in the middle of the board is probably the most difficult task of all…

What would we see on the Community Chest and Chance cards? Let’s not forget the utilities and railways, either… would they be replaced with something a little more Melbourne-specific?

Share your ideas in the comments…


  1. Since we are aus best city and not to say the worlds best and livable city in world we should have a icon or something rare that the rest world dozent have like in dubai the khalifa skyscraper we should have one likethat in the CBD FOR A CITY THIS KNOWN IN WORLD WE NEED TO MAKE IT LOOK UNIQUE

  2. I agree with the rest more high rises it is make melbourne city look awesome and look amazing when new tourists kum visit our city


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