If money was no object, how would you have a night on the town in Melbourne?


If you had an unlimited amount of money, how would you spend it all on a night out in the town partying in Melbourne?

There’s so many options to choose from – from Melbourne bars and clubs to our great restaurants in the CBD. Do you start in Chapel Street and work your way into the city, or go large in Brunswick Street with the most unusual cocktails and coolest bars in the city?

Let us know what would happen in your unlimited budget, no holds barred, night out on the town in Melbourne.


  1. Money no object – I’d start in the light, it’s daylight savings so perhaps about 6pm. I’d hire 6 Lamborghini’s and drivers and have 5 of my closest girlfriends jump in one each. The weather will have already been set on sunny. We’d cruise over to Alex Perry or Wayne Cooper and pick a dress each for the night out. We’d proceed to do a few laps of Melbourne for the next hour, all the while talking on walkie talkies to each other. At 7.30pm our dinner reservations at Nobu with some fine champagne. We laugh, we eat, we sing. Before heading a club in Crown – VIP of course. The champagne keeps coming, with a couple of cheeky tequila shots. We invite some fine looking gentlemen to drink with us and puff up our tyres. Before heading to a new club VIP of course around 12.30am. We play and be merry before jumping in our stretch Hummer which drops us at our doorstep making sure we are tucked up in bed by 4am. Ultimate ladies night out #highrollers #love