Where are the best tattoo artists in Melbourne?


Finding a great tattoo artist in Melbourne can be quite a task. There’s quite a few tattoo studios around the city, but only a select few have a good reputation. Some are very experienced in tattoo designs and art of their own design. This is especially handy if you can’t think of any tattoo ideas of your own. Other studios provide other services like piercing and body modification as well.

We keep hearing great things about the tattoo artists in Melbourne studios like Tattoo Magic, as well as Silver Sparrow Tattoo and Chapel Tattoo – but don’t take our word for it. Have a read through the hundreds of comments below from locals who have visited these tattoo artists in Melbourne.

If you’re looking at getting a tattoo in Melbourne, who do you vote as the best tattoo artist or shop in Melbourne? What makes them the best? If you design a tattoo, do they provide any help and improve on your work? Nominate your favourite tattoo artist in Melbourne below.


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  28. The Best tattoo place is skin deep upstairs at 62a street franstonston 3199 Hannah And Junior do the best tattoos there i love getting my tattoos there and got another one yesterday a cross with angel wings junior there does fantastic tattoos too so id like them to be nominated thanks you

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  30. Got tatt done at silver sparrow arnd a year ago. Great work, whereaboutsgoid bloke(can’t remember his name)however now closed. Anybody know whereabouts?

  31. Hit up the green lotus on Sydney road in Brunswick, everyone there is a killer artist. 2 seniors. Any style you want in top quality. Highly highly recommend it

  32. The guys at Devils Ink in Newport (just across the westgate bridge towards williamstown) are really good artists, my friends and I have been tattooed by them all, we keep coming back, can’t fault them. Great dudes and fun atmosphere. Decent prices for inner city tattooing, cheaper and heaps better then some of the shops on the east. Worth the trip over the bridge to save some bucks but still get awesome tattoos. My mate got a sleeve off Justin Acca and everywhere we go people stop him to comment. All round awesome studio. Recommended.

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  34. I can now contribute instead of reading here, I’ve had some work done by Danny at Tattoo Magic, he was a legend, great bloke, the work is amazing, and was efficient at a good price. And they managed to get me in within a week. They’ve got my custom.

  35. My tattooist benny is great such a talent, His now working from dark horse tattoos in essendon… Should check his work out its wicked


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