What are your memories of Melbourne sharpies culture in the 1970s?


If you grew up in Melbourne in the 1960s or 1970s, you’ll be familiar with the fascinating Sharpies subculture. These street gangs were known for being quiet violent and congregating around live concerts, and they had a pretty unique dress style too. Do you have any memories of sharpies from this era?

The Sharpies scene was especially prolific in Melbourne compared to other capital cities around Australia – perhaps due to the passionate live music scene we’ve always witnessed in our city. What gigs and concerts do you remember Melbourne sharpies attending, and what were their popular hangouts? Apparently Flinders Street Station steps was one of their favourite hangouts – some things never change…

Share your memories of the culture of Melbourne sharpies in the comments below.


  1. There has also been at least 3 books, Top Fellows, Rage, and the one about the Thomastown Sharps, and there is another book in the pipeline called Snap.