Where have you noticed any mysterious high pitched or rumbling noises around Melbourne?


There’s been a lot of reports of strange rumbling noises in the sky around the world in the past few years, but we’re wondering if you’ve noticed anything like this around Melbourne. Have you noticed any mysterious high pitched or rumbling noises around particular parts of Melbourne?

These noises seem to happen frequently at night, and can often go unexplained. We’ve read quite a few stories on forums from Melbourne locals who are driven crazy by strange rumbling noises that keep them up at night.

Have you heard any of these strange noises around Melbourne? What are your theories? Are the aliens here?!

Share your stories in the comments below.


  1. Heard it on Thursday night/friday morning in Williams Landing. It sounded like a weird scream/whistle sound.Its like a frequency that not everyone can hear. It scared the crap out of me. It wasnt the wind. Nobody else could hear it but me, a neighbour & a friend in Newport. Weird. I have been googing all day to find out what it is

  2. I heard it a few years ago in my apartment on level 18 in Collins Street Melbourne. I think I heard it twice at 2 different 2 occasions. It felt like it’s surround sounds coming from the skyline…

  3. On June 7 I heard 1 short 10 second burst of this, a minute of silence and then a minute of what sounded like an airliner crashing. I first thought it could be a military drill, but it want in the news or anything

  4. Sunshine north 3:44 till now 4;13. I can sleep. This is so scary that I am shaking while typing. What is this thing? I hear it once in Clayton 2 years ago but I thought it was just an naughty act of those science nerds around university. But yeah. It is so scary. I check around the house and my husband can hear it too but other housemates seem can not hear it. The cats and dogs are going crazy outside.

  5. Hi, I’m in Ivanhoe and the rumbling noise has been driving me nuts for the past few nights. From about 9.30pm onwards (sometimes earlier) I can hear what sounds like grumbling thunder in the distance. I’ve lived here for 7 years and am near the train station so I know what that sounds like and this is different. Ear plugs do help which is great! I’m usually very sensitive to noise and different sounds in general and am wondering if others on here are like that too?

  6. It was early hours Christmas morning between 12.30 to 2.30 . Heard what seemed to be coming from out side my residents a rumble like sound so intense it startled me at first . Me and my wife both . We noticed our neighbours pets barking throughout the time this took place . My sister lives 25 kilometres away and heard this noise to . What was strange about this is there was no reports in papers or news .

  7. I’ve been hearing rumbling noises in lalor for the last 2 months between 11pm-1:30 am I always wonder what it is.

  8. I agree Maddie has described the distant rumbling perfectly. I live in Reservoir and this sound has come to my attention the last couple of nights. It sounds like passenger planes except distant and continuous.
    I remember when I lived with my Dad not long ago he used to be very sensitive to sounds at night and said some sounds would keep him up. I think this is one that bothered him. He said that it is factories in the distance. He could be right.

  9. I live in Bentleigh East and agree that Maddie is explaining the noise pattern and duration perfectly. It’s been lasting for months. Is the sound travelling over the bay?

  10. Hi I heard this hum last sat night , humming that went up and down in frequency between 3and 4 am !

  11. I heard a constant hum like noise in Mentone just lastnight and have been hearing it for months now. Mostly in my room. I went outide and it was still loud but I hear it clearer in my room. At times, the sound would get louder, then softly fade again and then repeat, but it was constant for hours! I usually hear it start any time between 9:30pm to 3:30am.