What are your favourite scenic Melbourne day trips?


As much as we all love Melbourne, sometimes you can’t beat a beautiful drive out in the country to get away from it all. What are your favourite scenic Melbourne day trips, and why do you love them so much?

An old favourite is taking the Great Ocean Road from Torquay down to Lorne – those winding clifftops are simply astounding, and there’s plenty of beaches to stop off at along the way.

On the other side of the city, the drive up to Mount Dandenong is spectacular – beautiful rainforests, and lots of little cute towns like Olinda to check out along the way. A pretty classic scenic Melbourne day trip in anyone’s books!

Or maybe you could head north – there’s lots of pretty places like Hanging Rock, Daylesford and Woodend to spend the day at.

Let us know what your favourite scenic Melbourne day trips are in the comments below.


  1. Melbourne-to-Mt Macedon. And then drive through Kerrie, Newham and Cherokee, coming out at Romsey. Gorgeous..