Who serves the best American food in Melbourne?


American food might not be the most slimming food, but it’s one of the most mouthwatering. There are few places to get American restaurant food in Melbourne, so let’s share favourites.

It could be you’ve got tips on actual American food restaurants in Melbourne, or perhaps a location that serves a delicious breakfast American style.


  1. Best American food in Melbourne is by far Big Boy BBQ on Glenhuntly Road!!! Amazing Kansas Style rub ribs with all the sides :) they’ve also opened up on Hardware Lane in the CBD!!

  2. Misty’s Diner is the best! Awesome food awesome customer service. You always feel welcome and you leave completely satisfied!

  3. Misty’s Diner. Chilli fries are to die for. Buckets of pork ribs. And the most amazing array of thick shakes you’ll ever see!

  4. Gumbo Kitchen! It’s not your typical American Diner food…but its definitely your typical New Orleans Cajun food. Very tasty

  5. Misty’s diner for sure. Great food (try the pulled pork sliders) and taco fries. Great shakes and awesome American beer, bud light and coors light ect. Misty herself is a great host.

  6. Mistys diner in Prahran without question been a regular for years, great, no amazing food and fantastic service!

  7. Pez, without a doubt. Cherry-flavored Pez.

    Oh, uh, sorry. Wrong subject.

    Has to be Misty’s Diner on High St. in Prahran. Misty is the real deal and if’n you sweet talk her real good, she’ll give you chilli fries that’ll make your eyes water real good!

  8. The Bottom End, on Little Collins St. Unbelievable burgers and fries covered in some sort of crazy addictive substance in a killer pub/diner/disco setting.

  9. There is a US style diner in Prahran called Misty’s. I’ve never been there but friends have and said it’s awesome!

    I miss Johnny Rockets though! :)