Who is the best carpet cleaner to deal with carpet flood damage in Melbourne?


You can cop some serious water damage from a washing machine. If you’ve ever dealt with wet carpet damage, it’s time to help those out who are urgently looking for a good carpet cleaner who can deal with carpet flood damage in Melbourne.

Some carpet cleaners specialise in flood water damage, and it’s easily fixed if you know how to effectively perform a water clean up. Some carpet cleaners even offer a guarantee against future protection against floods. Who can you personally recommend for carpet flood damage in Melbourne?

Water damage to carpet is never a fun thing, and you’re probably going to need someone who knows how to deal with mold removal as well – a good carpet cleaner will know how to dry out the underlay of thec arpet.

Who can you recommend for cleaning up carpet flood damage in Melbourne?


  1. Rods Cleaning Service are THE best!! Great for any carpet cleaning needs. They’re steam cleaning and 24/7 flood restoration. They also can make your tiles look like new. I highly recommend you call them, floods are definitely a specialty. Call 9796 1677