Who is best for cheap catering in Melbourne?


If you’ve been asked to organise an event for work on a budget, or are simply trying to organise some cheap catering for a party, you’ve probably already realised there’s thousands of choices in Melbourne. If you’ve organised cheap catering in Melbourne before, we’re looking for your recommendations to help others.

Perhaps you know of a local cafe or bakery which offers seriously cheap catering in Melbourne, but while still offering fantastic service and quality finger food.

Or maybe you know of a more commercial service offering cheap catering in Melbourne who were efficient to deal with, and provided a great selection of delicious food.

If you’ve organised a party or a work function, we want to hear your opinions to help out other Melburnians. Who can you recommend for good, cheap catering in Melbourne?


  1. Had these guys cater for my wedding. Brilliant Malaysian food, the satays are easily the best in Melbourne.

    Check their site out http://www.sugisatay.com.au and give them a call to work out what you want in your menu.

    Premium food at a great price!