What are the best ideas for a birthday dinner in Melbourne?


Picking out a location for a birthday dinner in Melbourne is harder than it sounds, especially when one of your best mates has put you up to the task! Today we’re looking for your experiences with birthday dinners around the city – if you’ve been to a restaurant that did a great job, we want to hear about it below.

Half the problem is the sheer overwhelming volume of options: do you go trashy and try a theatre restaurant like Dracula’s, or do you go right up the other end of the scale and organise cruise dining along the Yarra?

If the birthday person is a foodie, it gets even more complicated. Has anyone managed to solve that birthday dinner balancing act of booking somewhere with amazing food, a price that doesn’t scare off most of your guests, but also somewhere which knows how to handle a large crowd?

Let us know your suggested tips for a birthday dinner in Melbourne below.


  1. TGI Fridays great food + great place + great birth day’s cake and so friendly and funny stuff :)
    They will all join an sing birthday songs :)