Who is the best DJ in Melbourne?


If you’re a regular in Melbourne’s clubbing scene, you’ve probably seen quite a few changes over the years. Some would even argue that there may not be a real clubbing scene in Melbourne at all these days. But one thing’s for sure, there are still a number of talented local DJs – so who do you rate as the best DJ in Melbourne?

Maybe it’s someone who’s relatively new on the scene and aren’t afraid to play a few dubstep remixes of chart favourites. Or perhaps it’s someone you’ve seen as a mainstay DJ throughout the years, through large changes in house music, but they still know how to play an amazing set.

There’s more to being a great DJ than meets the eye – the ability to read the room and play a perfect mix to fit the mood isn’t as easy as it looks. So who do you rate as the best DJ in Melbourne who always gets the room pumping? Let us know in the comments below.