Who makes the best fried rice in Melbourne?


When you’re thinking about the best seafood in Melbourne, fried rice isn’t always necessarily your first choice when it comes to picking something off the menu. But there’s a number of folks out there who have a hankerin’ for good, tasty, freshly prepared fried rice done well. Which are the best restaurants in Melbourne for the best fried rice?

If you like fish and sea food, you’ve probably ordered fried rice as a side dish more than once. Forget those greasy, slimy, sloppy fried rice dishes – we want the best!

There’s so many Chinese restaurants in Melbourne these days that we’re also pretty spoilt for choice. If you’re a regular to Southbank restaurants or restaurants in Docklands, you’re probably pretty familiar with who makes good fried rice and who doesn’t, so share your tips in the comments below!


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  4. Have you try Cafe de KIKAKU in Docklands?? for me they have best fried rice in Melbourne. Hubby loves his pork belly fried rice with punch of chili and basil. mine is of course Balinese fried rice, they serve it with grill chicken, fried eggs, sambal and big portion.

  5. Golden panda in hoppers crossing. Haven’t been there in a little while but omg!! Perfect texture and taste and everything cooked to perfection.

  6. Cafe de kikaku in docklands has really good fried rice.can’t remember how many type of fried rice do they have, but my favourites are triple black pepper fried rice and the Hades laugh.always stop to have a take away after office.


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