Where is the best 24 hour bottle shop in Melbourne?


Some nights, the party just has to keep going. Either that, or you have the alcohol tolerance of Bender from Futurama. It’s these times that you need to hunt down a 24 hour bottle shop in Melbourne – or at least one that’s open late at night. There aren’t many around, but which 24 hour bottle shops in Melbourne can you recommend?

Perhaps the most well-known is the Exford Hotel in Chinatown, in Melbourne CBD. It’s smack in the middle of the city and probably the only bottle shop we’ve seen that has multiple bouncers eyeing up people before they’re even allowed to enter the store.

There’s also the infamous 24 hour bottle shop at the Station Hotel at Windsor, at the bottom of Chapel Street. These guys are pretty clever – digital price tags mean the prices automatically rocket up after hours, so you better be drunk enough to be happy to pay big bucks for your next drink. That said, they often serve hot dogs through the window, which is the kind of thing you probably feel like eating if you’re buying booze at a 24 hour bottle shop.

These are just a few, and there’s a few more late night options out there. Which do you rate as the best 24 hour bottle shop in Melbourne?


  1. Rising Sun Hotel Richmond
    395 Swan St
    Crn Burnley & Swan St
    Open till 1 am
    See bar staff if the bottle shop is closed

  2. 24hr ones:
    Exford Hotel- cnr Russell & little Bourke
    Station Hotel- chapel st Windsor
    And there’s one on Lygon in Carlton


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