Where are the best locations to view street art in Melbourne?


Graffiti – is it art? Judging by the growing number of works by talented contemporary artists, street art in Melbourne is an impressive scene which has definitely matured.

Melbourne has a reputation for a buzzing graffiti artists scene, but knowing where to find examples of graffiti, stencil art and abstract art in laneways in Melbourne usually requires some inside tips. Although you probably won’t find stencil art in the National Gallery of Victoria any time soon, certain independent art galleries in Melbourne have begun to specialise in this style.

Where are the best places to view awesome street art graffiti in Melbourne?


  1. I would suggest Brunswick Street! Inspiring illustrations of graffiti art on wide display and hidden in unexpected nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to look up! 10-15 mins by tram from the city, definitely worth the commute :)

  2. The answer is everywhere in the inner city these days, esp for street art. Graff obviously extends much further out into the burbs, but there’s probably 10 inner city walls and locations that rotate the really good stuff.

    Check out my account @melbournestreetart on instagram

  3. There are a stack of great places, but one of my favourites is the Upfield bike path, stretching from Jewell Station through to Batman Station on the Upfield line. Lots of great work along there.

  4. hosier lane is a good spot near federation sqaure . good pieces there. not really much tagging but yeah.

  5. I hear there is some great stuff in south Melbourne — I’m keen to do pics of my Harley there ! Does anyone know where in Sth Melb?

  6. the best ive seen would be off little flinders street i think it is (went there about a year ago), its kinda down near fed square, just a small alley way full of it. also theres a little alleyway off bourke street mall with some good street art. i hate bad tags though, on the train through footscray/st albans theres way too much crappy tags on walls and trains, just wrecks everything