Where are the best Melbourne hiking locations?


If you’re a fan of going for bushwalks and day walks in the areas just outside of Melbourne, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. With the Dandenong Ranges to the east, the You Yangs to the west, sweeping areas of oceanfront walking tracks to the south and lots of amazing walking tracks to the north, you’ll be kept busy for quite some time. Where are your favourite Melbourne hiking locations?

There’s always a few hidden gems when it comes to walking trails, so we’re hoping for some recommendations from others here. Sometimes the most beautiful and scenic walks in Melbourne aren’t even the longest – the Maroondah Reservoir Park walk isn’t very long at all, but has beautiful scenic views across the reservoir. It’s especially pretty in autumn. Are there any other Melbourne hiking spots like this which you can recommend?

Don’t keep the secrets to yourself. Let us know your favourite Melbourne hiking trails in the comments below.


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  2. Macedonia Ranges near the ruins of the old asylum – especially in winter it’s so crisp and beautiful and sometimes it snows!

  3. Lerderderg State Park for the beautiful gorge & Organ Pipes National Park to view the organlike rock formation.

    Oh and Woodlands Historic Park near the airport. Great views to airport and Melbourne from top of Gellibrand Hill