Where are the best parks to watch bats in Melbourne?


Some people think they look like tiny flying rats, but a lot of us think bats in Melbourne are pretty cute. Where are the best spots to check out bats in Melbourne?

Bats in Melbourne used to congregate in the Royal Botanic Gardens’ rainforest walk, but seem to have migrated over time. Where are the best spots around Melbourne to find our cute little furry flying friends?

Our bats in Melbourne are much cuter than those monsters flying around Sydney, at any rate. Those things up there are creepy and seem much larger. But bats in Melbourne? Unbearably cute!

Share your tips on places to check out bats in Melbourne in the comments below.


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  2. Steve, you’re totally correct! I am red faced. But thanks for your interesting points, glad we have a bat expert on here :) At least we can both agree bats are cute heheh.

  3. LOL, A wonderful post, but if I might just correct two minor factual errors (if it;s ok with you)? Firstly the bats in your photo are Spectacled Flying Foxes, which only occur in North Queensland (where people shoot at them) and New Guinea. Secondly, the Sydney Bats are so much cuter: the same species, but just cuter!

    I hear your bats “migrated” (ie chased out by the botanic gardens under threat of a severe raking) and have moved to Yarra Bend.

    Actually they’re all pretty cute :-)


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