Where is the best place to buy absinthe in Melbourne?


Knowing where to buy absinthe is a bit of an art in Melbourne. While we’re yet to come across an absinthe bar in Melbourne, there are a couple of decent speciality retailers around.

So when you’re in the mood to make an absinthe cocktail, where do you go for great advice? Absinthe in Australia isn’t a particularly big scene (despite some stellar efforts by Green Fairy Absinthe to promote the spirit) so it’s helpful to know where to go.

Some retailers can help you understand how to drink absinthe in the traditional method, too, with some speciality equipment.

Share your reviews on the best places to purchase absinthe in Melbourne below.


  1. I noticed on the menu at The Meeting Pool restaurant at Montsalvat (Eltham) that they have an absinthe fountain to serve absinthe. We buy green fairy and just drink it at home mixed with a little sugar and water from a shot glass.