Where is the best place to ride your motorbike around Melbourne?


There’s quite a few places that are simply plain fun to ride your motorbike in Melbourne.

Winding and turning freeways, locations with beautiful views, or simply a highway where you can put the pedal to the metal – where what is the best motorbike ride in Melbourne?


  1. Yup, Black Spur. Healesville to Buxton. Lunch at the Buxton Pub, which is, or at least used to be, very bike-friendly. Then turn around and fang the Black Spur back the other way.

    Many will suggest the Great Ocean Road. And fair enough; I’d put that second.

  2. One the best rides in 2011 was an end of winter ride to Warburton – Mt Donna Buang – Acheron Way – fang down Black Spur – Healsville, then back to Melbs.
    Slippery in parts way up on high, about 13klms of unsealed road, copious lungfuls of fresh mountain air, tall trees, great breaky at a cafe in Warburton and delicious lunch at Healsville… beautiful day.