Where is the best street to view Christmas lights in Melbourne?


They may drain the entire power grid for some suburbs, but there’s no denying that Christmas lights in Melbourne have become a bit of a tradition for some suburban streets. Where can you recommend as the best streets to visit for crazy festive animatronics and impressive Christmas displays in people’s front yards?

Christmas lights in Ivanhoe seem to be the most ridiculously enormous display of Christmas decorations in Melbourne, but we know there’s some other streets out there which might be closer to where you live. Which suburbs and streets can you recommend?

Share your favourite spots for gawking at enormous decorations celebrating Christmas in Melbourne.


  1. Best EVER christmas lights 150,000 led lights all sequenced to music, 25min show huge trees , massive wreath , just to many to mention all, also lady comes out to give out candy canes to young 7 old !!
    Address is Billungah place Burnside just off westwood drive , near caroline springs!
    sun to thurs 830pm till 11pm fri &sat till midnight … weather permitting .

  2. We may not be an entire street, but with 35,000 lights synchronised to music our house in Parkhill Road, Kew is well worth a visit. There are two megatrees over 4 meters tall, 7 mini trees and 9 leaping arches as well as a live video of Santa at the North Pole. We are raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation and young visitors are given Candy Canes.