What are the best suburbs in Melbourne’s west?


The western suburbs of Melbourne are undeniably the best place to live if you want bang for your real estate buck. This traditionally working class area of Melbourne is seeing a wave of gentrification pass over it – so where do you rate as the best suburbs in west Melbourne to buy or live in?

Melbourne’s inner west is becoming particularly attractive. Over 10 short years, Yarraville has transformed from a slightly dodgy area to one of the most desired addresses in Melbourne. Nearby suburbs like Kingsville, Spotswood and Newport are all also transforming into fashionable postcodes to live in with lots of great restaurants and facilities nearby.

Of course, there’s also the unofficial CBD of Melbourne’s west – Footscray. Although this suburb used to be requently derided as one of the worst suburbs in Melbourne, it’s clearly shaping up for a major real estate boom – we’re predicting you’ll see something akin to Collingwood’s Smith Street or Brunswick’s Sydney Road with a distinctly Asian twist.

Let’s not forget the burgeoning outer west, either – Werribee is growing at a tremendous rate, but is it one of the better places to live in Melbourne’s west?

Let us know where you rate as the best suburbs in western Melbourne in the comments below.


  1. Williamstown is beutiful its clean clean pier cafes amazing houses with awesome views million dollar area great patential

  2. None they all look like crap smell dirty rubbish and graffiti all the trucks travel trough the west suburbs all the roads there are bad massive pot holes Williamstown road is always full of traffic so is millers and greive pde boundry road etc needa alot of work and more attention

  3. Altona is fantastic… although the prices are rising. It’s like a small coastal town 20min from Melbourne.

  4. Maidstone, the Toorak end of Footscray where I grew up. No one knows about it ….oops, now they do.