Where are the best vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne?


You don’t need to be on a fully-fledged vegetarian diet to be partial to  the many wonderful and appetizing Melbourne restaurants for vegetarian diners. There’s piles of them hidden around Melbourne CBD and suburbs – it could be you can think of some specialising in terrific vegetarian pizza. It’s a cinch to miss these restaurants, and they’re consistently so nutritious and an easy method to get your protein requirement in a meal.

Whether’s it’s lunch or a snack there’s oodles of local secrets when it comes to vegetarian food in Melbourne, so let us know, vegetarians! Show us the second to none vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne, and be sure to mention the best vegetarian meal menu dishes.


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  2. I am trying really hard to go vegetarian, haven’t eaten red meat in 15 months, is there anywhere in the Eastern suburbs, Knox

  3. totally agree with the comments above.
    Melbourne is a haven for awesome vegetarian and Vegan food.

    one that has a huge lunch time following in the city is Om Vegetarian. they do all you can eat vegetarian and Vegan meals for $6.50!

  4. The East Brunswick Club is no longer open but I believe the chef has moved to the Cornish Arms on Sydney Road. They certainly have a great vegan menu now, including fake-meat and non-fake-meat pub-style meals, and vegan cheesecake. My favourite is the mushroom burger!

    For those of us who don’t eat meat for ethical reasons its nice to have a little fake-meat now and then. I can’t speak for the healthfulness of it, but I also can’t understand anyone begrudging us that particular guilt-free ( in terms of ethics at least) pleasure. The anti-fake-meat sentiment is very short-sighted. Its right up there with ‘But what do you eat?!’

  5. Shakahari for fancy;
    Tofu International for lunch any day;
    Grumpy’s Green, Smith Street, for great super fresh tasty food and beer and bands
    (especially as the EBC has gone)

    Also – Soul Mama is no longer at the St Kilda Baths, it moved to Fitzroy Street, but I believe that has now closed.

  6. Trippy Taco is a winner after a few too many on Smith St.
    South side Monk Bhodi Dharma is does a delicious breakfast and great coffee.
    I am loving the proliferation of veg degustations popping up around town (easy tiger on smith st, Tuesdays at St Judes on Brunswick St) even if they aren’t quite living up to their non veg counterparts just yet, thanks for trying!

  7. Soul Mammas and Gopals used be excellent – but both have gone downhill – havent been to soul mammas for a year so not sure whether has picked up

  8. +1 for Las Vegan, sometimes I eat there three times a week! also they just started making a vegan vanilla slice that will blow your mind!

    check out facebook.com/popupveganeats for loads of other great suggestions. :)

  9. Yong Green Food
    421 Brunswick St Map
    Fitzroy, VIC 3065

    Inspiring…creative…yummy vegan food!

  10. I’m not vegetarian myself but ate this week at Red Spice Road in McKillop Street in the city with a vegetarian friend. Their lunch banquet of appetiser and three shared dishes for $25 pp has a vegetarian option on request. The flavours were amazing.

  11. This only applies to Sundays but “Havali” Indian restaurant in Tunstall Sqr (I think it’s still considered Doncaster.) have a South Indian Buffet every Sunday and it’s all vegetarian and absolutely delicious!! But the good thing is if you have meataholics with you they can order meat from the regular menu.

  12. Great recommendations guys! As a recap, my top 10 veggie restaurants in melbourne are….

    Soul Food Kitchen
    273 Smith Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065 or
    22 Something Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Lentil as Anything
    41 Blessington St,St Kilda or
    1 St. Heliers Street,Abbotsford,or
    233 Barkly Street,

    Moroccan Soup Kitchen
    183 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

    Bowl Of Soul
    118 Bridge Street
    Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
    Tel: 03 9645 2470

    Las Vegan Bakery
    22 Smith Street, Collingwood,
    3066. 03 9415 9001

    Trippy Taco
    48 Smith Street
    Collingwood VIC 3066
    (03) 9415 7711

    Tofu Shop Int.
    Tofu Shop International
    78 Bridge Road
    Richmond VIC 3121
    (03) 9429 6204

    Veg Out Time
    63 Fitzroy St
    St Kilda,

    Global Vege cafe
    499 North Road
    Ormond VIC 3204
    (03) 9578 9566

    139 Swanston Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

    ENJOY!!! xxxx

  13. Hey Kate, good point, it does suit people if they do like meat…I personally don’t want anything remotely to resemble meat. I was more commenting on that particular restaurant as I had a similar experience. Well done for sticking up for our much loved animals :)

  14. Its great to know that in the City on Swanston walk you can go to Gopals. The meals are resonable priced and the food is great. It’s not so spicy and it have healthy-light yummy taste only people who cooks with love and devotion can make. I adore their apple crumble and lasagnas are must to try!
    Just nerby is the Crossways, amazing food for a very very resonable price an you can also volounteer for few minutes in exchange for a free meal!I like the atmosphere there too!
    Another place i like to go is Loving Hut at Ritchmond and Bo De Trai in Footscray, for more asian type of meals.

  15. Don’t have anything myself to contribute, but I’d just like to say you guys have some amazing suggestions! Thanks heaps! =D So hard to find good vego recommendations. Cheers!

  16. Global Vegetarian on North Road Ormond is great. The vegetable tempura is a fave as a shared entree.

    I can’t believe Gopals in Swanston Street hasn’t been mentioned yet. And Crossways for cheap eats.

  17. Trippy Taco is fantastic, fresh and fast- if you can get a table! I’m not a vego but often get mexican takeaway from there.

  18. “I really don’t get the whole faux-meat thing. If you’re vegetarian, why would you want to eat something that looks/tastes like meat?”

    It’s called being vegan for ethical reasons. I loved meat – the taste, the texture – everything about it, before I realised it was just wrong to exploit animals in any way.

  19. I also don’t know whats special about the parma from Brunswick East. I’m pretty sure it’s just a Sanitarium schnitzel with sauce and cheese over it.
    I LOVE Lord of the Fries, Trippy Taco and Nostralis. These are veg musts in Melbourne.

  20. Tried the vegan parma at The East but it wasn’t that special… The ‘thing’ that was sitting on the plate covered in sauce and cheese, in place of the chicken would have been bloody horrible if not for the sauce and cheese. I really don’t get the whole faux-meat thing. If you’re vegetarian, why would you want to eat something that looks/tastes like meat?

  21. There’s a really awesome veggie burger at the Town Hall in North Melbourne.. I think it’s on Errol street. Seriously, best veggie burger I’ve ever had. It has goat’s cheese though so perhaps 86 that if you’re vegan. Other food at the Town Hall is stellar too.

  22. Soul Mama is always an experience, I go out of my way to get a Lord of the Fries burger now that I’ve discovered them (put them in more places PLEASE!!!), when in St. Kilda Veg Out on Fitzroy Street is hard to drive past (their butter tofu is orgasmic) and Vegie Bar is quite simply an institution – and I haven’t really had issues with the service so I’m not sure where the comments are based on.  Yes they’re not bursting out of themselves to make your stay the best experience you’ve ever had in the world, but I’ve never had rudeness or indifference.

    I live in Footscray and have never heard of Bo De Trai but will definately be checking that out – and as for ‘Satay Legend’ at Shakahari – the thought of it is making me salivate so will check that out too.

    And of course… anything Pink admires I am anxious to try so look out East Brunswick!!!

  23. As Ruth mentioned – Enlighted Cuisine on Queensbridge Street.  Visited one night for a wedding banquet dinner and was super-impressed with the great tasting food!  Although, after the 10th course or so, I was starting to tire of the texture of mock-meat-stuff….

  24. Two of the best vegetarian places in Melbourne are Bo De Trai (Vietnamese vegeatarian restaurant at 94 Hopkins Street, Footscray – run by Buddhist monks) and White Lotus (185 Victoris Street, North Melbourne – atmosphere a bit lacking, but delicious tasty food).
    I’m also a fan of the FGY teahouse in Queen Street.

  25. For mock-meat stuff, I hear really good things about Enlightened Cuisine on Queensbridge St near Crown , but haven’t been there myself, so I can’t vouch.

    Hot tip: For good vego food, look out for various Buddhist festivals and celebrations happening throughout the year, as Buddhists regularly go vego for important days and put on a good feast.

    The big Buddha’s Birthday celebration in Fed Square (which is hosted by the FGY folk) especially has rows of tents all down the Yarra doing only vegetarian food.

    The Quang Minh temple in Braebrook serve amazing vegetarian food as part of their Tet (Vietamese New Year) celebrations, including the greatest vegetarian Hue-style Pho.

  26. Oh, so man suggestions:

    In terms of best quality food, I think most would agree that Shakahari in Carlton is a clear winner — it’s the only really top-end all-vego restaurant in the city. Their menu pretty much never changes, but perhaps that doesn’t matter, because their “satay legend” — vegie kebabs with tofu, seitan and a to-die-for satay sauce — may be all you need ever order.

    (Although it’s not a vegetarian restaurant, for high-end vegetarian cuisine, Ezard’s in the city has a very extensive vegetarian menu and offers a specific vegetarian degustation.)

    I’ll also put in a +1 for Moroccan Soup Bar. The chickpea dish is indeed amazing.

    A few perhaps lesser-known places:

    Fo Guang Yuan is a Buddhist art gallery and tea house on Queen St that also does great vegetarian buns, soups and mock-meat stuff for lunch.

    The Las Vegan Bakery on Smith St is a quirky and delicious little hole-in-the-wall — lots of different vegie burgers, salads, wraps, soups, calzones — but is only open on weekdays for lunch, and now Thursday + Fridays for dinner, but still not weekends.

    Just down the road is Trippy Taco, which is a vegetarian “fresh mex” (ie not junky “Tex Mex” Taco Bill stuff — loads of fresh salads and beans and tofus — but still of the faux-mexican taco, buritto, nacho offerings) place. Huge and delicious servings.

    ALSO on Smith St: there is Soul Food, which is nothing special, but do nice big servings, have lots of variety and some really great salads; Friends of the Earth, which does big, cheap plates of about four or five different wholesome but hearty vegie dishes each day, albeit of varying quality; and a new all-vego pub called Grumpy’s Green, which I’ve never tried but have heard is a little bland and average from several people.

    Bridge Rd in Richmond is another vegie-dense area. Tofu Shop International is probably the best one there — huge servings of curries, stir-fries and salads, vego souvlakis and their famous tofu soft serve ice cream (no really!).

    For “junkier” food — apart from Trippy Taco — Lord of the Fries in the city really is awesome. It’s all about the French Canadian chips.

    For the best vegie burger, it’s a hard call, but I would have to go with Grill’d, who make two amazing ones and know the secret to a good burger: good quality buns, and load on the condiments (sorry, Urban Burger, but your sauce stinginess is your downfall, despite some great quality and innovative ingredients). I’d happily hear suggestions for better ones, though.

  27. according to Pink (yes, the popstar), the vegan parma at the East Brunswick is the greatest vegan meal she’s ever had.

  28. +1 for Moroccan Soup Bar. So delicious it’ll melt your face… those chick peas, with yoghurt, almonds and toasted pita bread pieces, are a-mazing.

  29. I’ve seen to Soul Mama’s but I still think Lord of the Fries is the best veggie food in the city. It’s accessible, it’s fast and god damn it’s tasty!

  30. Moroccan Soup Bar on St Georges Rd is awesome. You can get a banquet for about $18 a head, and they have the best chick peas ever (did I just say that?)

  31. I’m only visiting Melbourne but I’ve been to both the Veggie Bar on Brunswick Street and Soul Mama in St Kilda and they were both amazing! Staff were great in both places and the food was awesome! Soul Mama has the better view though (what with the beach and sea etc!)

  32. The Vegie Bar, Brunswick St has excellent food. Don’t expect great service but hey, this is Melbourne… *ducks*

  33. Soul Mama is a great basically a limited smorgasboard with a great view out over the bay. , though a bit preachy at times for those that enjoy vegetarian meals but arent vegetarians.