Where are the best views of Melbourne that have no admission fee?


There’s no denying that the Eureka Skydeck probably has the best views of Melbourne, but there’s plenty more amazing vantage points which are free to access. Where do you rate as the best views of Melbourne that are free to access?

If you’re up for a drive into the Dandenongs, there’s a number of great views of the city – you just need to know where to look. We all know about the Sky High lookout, but that comes with an admission fee – do you know of any other views in this area that are free to access?

There’s also more suburban hidden gems, like the view of the city skyline from Rucker’s Hill on Northcote’s High Street. Nearby, the view from the giant rock pile from All Nations Park behind Northcote Plaza is also surprisingly amazing.

Let us know. What are the best views of Melbourne that don’t come with an admission fee? (Image: Flickr/Ryk Neethling)


  1. Best free view from up high is on the 35th floor of the Sofitel, Collins Street. Especially from the toilets!

  2. Looking North towards the city from Brighton Beach Gardens. View takes in Dendy Street Bathing boxes. Spectacular.