Where is the poshest toilet in Melbourne?


There’s a number of semi-secret toilets around Melbourne CBD that are a little bit special. Some of these public toilets or toilets in hotels offer amazing views, or perhaps have an attendant ready with towels and fragrances.

Have you spotted any of these fancy loos around town? Whether it’s one of the best public toilets or an amazing hotel bar bathroom that anyone can access, nominate the poshest toilet in Melbourne in the comments below.

Yes, we know it’s not one of the most serious questions we’ve ever posted on Melbournism, but hey – we’re trying to cover the best of EVERYTHING in the city here! ;)


  1. The toilets at the Regent Theatre and the new MTC (or newly renamed “Southbank”) Theatre. The former is so charming, essentially a lovely 1920s ladies’ “powder room”. The latter has a great mural on the walls, yet quite slick and stylish as well.