Where is the steepest street in Melbourne?


We’re looking for the steepest street in Melbourne. Reckon you’re a hardarse who can jog at full pelt up any road, no matter how steep? We’ve got a few challenges for you in the comments…

Maybe you’re looking for the most insane place to skateboard down a hill, or just want to pretend you’re in a rollerocaster while you’re driving your car. Either way, you’ve probably got a deathwish, but we admit these roads are still a lot of fun. If you think you know which is the steepest street in Melbourne, then we want to hear from you!

Let us know where you reckon the steepest street in Melbourne is in the comments.


  1. Glenvale Rd Ringwood North. Barnsdale Way is at the bottom. Go up towards Oban Rd OR up towards Kubis Dr. Both huge!

  2. Gaffney St on Pascoe Vale is scary as there is a rail crossing at the bottom, which freaks people out a bit. Especially when the lights come on and you’re half way down the hill!

  3. Punt Road heading between Alexandra Ave and Domain – I swear we’re always going to roll backwards!