What are the worst areas of Melbourne for hoon drivers?


No matter how many new hoon driving laws the Victorian government introduces, hoon drivers remain a massive problem for certain areas of Melbourne. Which suburbs seem to be the worst for hoon drivers?

We’ve heard quite frequently that the far west, Melbourne’s fastest growing part of the city attracts more than its fair share of hoon drivers. There’s frequent complaints from new residents in suburbs like Tarneit, Truganina and Wyndham Vale that back roads are filled with hoon drivers doing burnouts after midnight. If you live in these faster growing suburbs, have you noticed many hoons around?

Perhaps you live in a suburb closer to the city which has been around for some time, and you’ve spotted more than your fair share of hoon drivers around your part of the city. What can be done to prevent idiot drivers from doing donuts, burnouts and racing around at high speed in these areas?

Leave your nomination below for Melbourne’s worst areas for hoon drivers.


  1. I’ve lived in a lot of different suburbs and I have to say Greensborough was one of the worst in the North East for hoons. Not sure about the Western suburbs though!