What are the best Melbourne blogs?


There’s plenty of blogs out there about living in Melbourne, so today we’re hoping to uncover some lesser-known sites which deserve a bit of promotion. What are your favourite blogs about Melbourne?

Perhaps you know of some great blogs which are reliable for curating a list of exciting events around Melbourne. Looking at sites like Time Out, Three Thousand, Everguide and Broadsheet can almost be too overwhelming when it comes to event listings. Which Melbourne blogs do a great job of picking out interesting events? We’ve long been fans of Jetsetting Joyce’s MEL: Hot or Not – what others can you recommend?

Or maybe you just know of some bloggers who do a great job of documenting everyday life in Melbourne. High Riser is a great example of this, and frequently dips into anecdotes about Melbourne history – a fascinating read from a Melbourne local. What other Melbourne blogs like this can you recommend?

Share your favourite blogs about Melbourne in the comments. Please note – any comments with links will be moderated to ensure no spam slips through!


  1. Definitely….


    Definitely. Haha.

    I didn’t even know your site was a thing; figured your existence on Twitter was all that there was. Nice to know. I’ll be back. (p.s – check out my blog ^^^, I command (like a messianic desert wanderer) you to).