What are your favourite memories of Melbourne in the 90s?


Ah, the 1990s. We still had tram conductors, the awesomely grotty Punters Club was still open and you could usually catch a tram or train and be guaranteed a seat. But what are your favourite memories of Melbourne during the 1990s?

Was it lining up outside Gaslight Records waiting for a live gig? Watching games in an old footy ground that’s since been repurposed? Or simply just seeing Northcote’s High Street in its pre-hipster-homeground state? Visiting Melbourne Central when Daimaru when the city’s favourite Japanese department store was still open for business?

Maybe you remember a time when the Docklands announcement actually seemed like something amazing was going to happen down that end of the city…

Let’s share some memories – what were your favourite things about living in Melbourne in the 90s?