What is the most boring attraction in Melbourne?


There’s plenty of amazing attractions and things to do in Melbourne, but some attractions have become a little… stale. Others were never a great idea to begin with. What gets your vote as the most boring attraction in Melbourne these days?

We’re certainly the most liveable city, but there’s a handful of attractions which aren’t worth anyones time. Are there any art-related exhibits or installations which are so over-the-top pretentious that they’re not worth bothering with?

Perhaps there’s a local destination which tourists seem to love, but you’ve never understood the appeal of.

Maybe it’s just that Southern Cross Observation Wheel that seems like it’ll never be built.

What do you rate as the most boring attraction in Melbourne?


  1. I run through Harbour Town everyday at lunch. There are bemused tourists wandering along the mall, and empty tourist buses lining the streets. I’m not sure why they go there.


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