What tourist attraction is missing from Melbourne?


Melbourne holds its own as an international tourism destination, but maybe we can do even better.

Is there a type of tourist attraction which just seems to be flat-out missing from Melbourne streets? What attraction would see more people travel to Melbourne? We all know that we want rollercoasters and theme parks… sometimes it feels like we’re the only capital city on the east coast without a theme park to call our own!

Put on your Minister for Tourism hat and share your ideas in the comments below. What kinds of tourist attractions do we simply not have in Melbourne, and would almost certainly be successful?


  1. i used to like luna park when i was little now that im a lil older i really like places that mean something to people
    that have been there for generations..

  2. Good Question,

    Full credit to Melbourne as it took me a while to think of something but I think we are missing a museum that pays tribute to the music of Melbourne. We have sports museum, moving image, art, immigration etc.

    There has been so much good music to come out of this city and this country that i think it is derserving of its own hub.

  3. a big pit to push all those vile new buildings into (very few have any decent architectural merit) & then create a park over it with a viewing hole to show what hell looks like. Southbank is commendable, Docklands could do with a stronger link from the city to the water and then yes a manmade beach & more parklands

  4. We are missing what tourism Meccas such as Amsterdam and Thailand have, we need a red light district! We need saint Kilda Beach to be a huge summer long free entry beach party like Ibiza and Miami. We should have government subsidised attractions, where the government pays a proportion of events entry at tourist destinations to make our destinations more attractive. As we compete with poorer countries who can offer similar experiences for a fraction of the cost. This will increase the appeal of coming to Australia :)

  5. The removal of strip clubs and brothels would be an attraction.
    Nothing more insulting having women shoving business cards in your face for services
    What are they saying????

  6. @Jack have you been down to Melbourne’s SE beaches? Perfect family beaches right here in Melbourne, head down to Chelsea, Bonbeach, Seaford.

  7. Definately a large scale family theme park like Dreamworld, Seaworld or Movieworld. If someone does it properly then they can make lotta money! Melbournian families would spend to go there for sure! Plus tourists too!

  8. Hi Sydney, we actually do have some great street performers, and some encouragement from the council is definitely there, though I admit to not knowing of any tax breaks.. We do walks of the city, and many locals take our walks… we are just one of many companies ( about 25 ) who offer walks , and there are plenty of others who offer free options. The city is buzzing with opportunity I agree, but in Melbourne we are such a collective in the tourism style we currently find ourselves, that we should be working on the Knowledge of product, rather than screaming that there is none. Official Hospitality Businesses are all hospitality businesses are they not? We personally like to share the spend.. to keep small business alive – Bigger is not always Better… Melbourne is Melbourne because of the sum of its parts / People / Pride… – keep up the discussion though! a gem of an Idea will rise to the top soon…

  9. Hi Baby Alice, I agree, re Dublin and Amsterdam.. Did you not know that we do actually have an amazing brewery tour at CUB.. history, tastings and all.. and we also have great local micro Brewery’s too that welcome tourists..

  10. Vaudeville! We need a return of ‘quality’ street performance and street art – tax free street earnings and financial support from the City of Melbourne Council and Centrelink. That minimal cost to the public purse is gained back, several-fold, by encouraging tourists and LOCALS to explore Melbourne’s streets and spend money at official hospitality businesses, in the process.

  11. Bike lanes that don’t just suddenly end and catapult riders into crazy traffic.

    Also, this may sound odd as an ‘attraction’, but higher building limits in the centre of the CBD (Eliz/Swanston Sts) so that developers will actually put money into the area and we can finally see a vibrant heart of the city instead of all of those wretched $2 and porn shops.

  12. Can also count as a tourist “attraction” but how about some airport trains? Accessibility can attract a lot more visitors-surely!

  13. Melb’s CBD needs what Amsterdam, Dublin etc have – its the home of internationally known Fosters brand, but unlike those cities, does nothing about it! Enter the ‘Fosters Experience’ – visitor centre with history, tour etc. Bet most overseas visitors don’t even know Melb is the home of Australia’s best known beer brand! People go to Amsterdam/Dublin for the brewery experience!

  14. I’m surprised no one has said, a decent theme park.
    I like Melbourne, but it doesn’t have everything.