What single retailer should replace the shops in the GPO shopping centre?


There’s been a rumour floating around that scores of stores are being kicked out of the GPO shopping centre in the Bourke Street Mall, and nobody’s quite sure why. It seems to be in response to nagging problems with foot traffic (it is quite difficult to see what’s inside the centre from outside), and the threat of the new monstrous Emporium shopping centre on Lonsdale Street.

Most people seem to think that the smaller retailers are being booted out in favour of one major retailer taking their place – but who should it be? The hot rumour is (of course) Apple, and that would make sense… but maybe there’s some other major retailers which you’d like to see open up in the GPO building.

We’ve already been able to confirm that Uniqlo and Topshop are opening up in the nearby Emporium shopping centre, so who else would you like to see? The first Pottery Barn store in Sydney certainly got a lot of attention, so maybe that’d be an interesting location for them to open… or perhaps you can think of some other iconic retailers who could open up.

Let us know who you think should open up as the new sole retailer in Melbourne’s GPO shopping centre in the comments below.