What will happen in the inevitable Channel 10 telemovie adaptation of Premier Ted Baillieu’s resignation?


Given the events of the past 24 hours, we’re betting that the behind-the-scenes story of Ted Bailieu’s resignation as premier of Victoria would make for a delightfully frothy Channel 10 telemovie. Of course, given that nobody really seems to know what’s happening behind the scenes, there’s a lot of gaps to fill in.

So what dramatic scenes would we see between Ted Bailieu and Denis Napthine, and which Aussie actors would play their roles? What other slightly fictionalised scenes would we see in an attempt to beef up the drama? Which actor would play the role of Myki?

Let us know your script ideas or suggested telemovie titles (“Bailieu’d Out?” … apologies, apologies) and we’ll invoice Channel 10 on everyone’s behalf.

(Image: Wikimedia)