What would you use as a new slogan for Melbourne?


We all think we can do a better job of advertising our city to tourists. So what would you create as a new slogan for Melbourne city?

What in Melbourne could you use to best reflect what the city is all about? A slogan that encourages people to travel to Melbourne, to do and see things in Melbourne… something which lets everyone know the essence of the top attractions in Melbourne!

So – hit us with your Melbourne city slogans!


  1. Melbourne – OK, we don’t cut it for sophistication and culture on the world stage but we like to pretend we do and that’s what matters in a small town.

  2. See ME in MElbourne. Or
    Melbourne, it’s about Me. (complete with shots of people experiencing everything in Melbourne: me at the footy, me in laneways, etc etc…

  3. Food lovers, coffee lovers, music lovers, art lovers, lovers of life. They love Melbourne. So will you.

  4. Hey sport , Melbourne is the place to be .
    Melbourne where world champions meet and compete.
    Melbourne the sporting capital of the world.

  5. Melbourne the Melting Pot of Australia: Become part of the mixture!
    Mix it up in Melbourne
    Make Melbourne a fixture in your mixture