Where does Melbourne need an extra airport?


If you had the opportunity to add a new, additional airport to Melbourne – where would you locate it?

Any specific areas or locations that it’d be handy to have an airport near?


  1. We don’t need another airport – we need better infrastructure (trains and dedicated Airport lanes on the freeways) to deal with increased traffic to Tullamarine and Avalon! If there was no choice however, perhaps a domestic airport in the Eastern Suburbs

  2. We don’t need another airport, just fix the ones we already have. Why can’t Avalon take more domestic flights? I wouldn’t mind the travel if there were extra flight times in and out from Sydney and Newcastle

  3. We need an airport either in Ringwood, Dandenong or Frankston to service the eastern and south eastern suburbs and tourists travelling to Victoria’s key tourist destinations

  4. Melbourne doesn’t need another airport, it just needs MUCH better transport to the ones that already exist. Like a bus that don’t cost $25 to catch. That would be nice.

  5. It doesn’t need a new airport.
    It needs to take more international flights to Avalon.
    More importantly it needs regular cheap transport to and from these airports.
    Fast express train.
    The people of this city are screaming for more transport and never get it.

  6. We don’t need another airport, we just need to expand the one we have. We need more pick-up/drop-off areas.. My family flys a lot and it’s a pain picking them up and having to go around and around because there are no spaces available! Especially outside the international terminal!

  7. Obviously putting in an AFFORDABLE train line to the airport would be the best option, but if a 2nd airport was the only option, a new one in the eastern suburbs would seem to make sense.

  8. Melbourne does need another airport, simply because Tullamarine has a monopoly on all international flights. Both of them would need to be connected well to the city, but having just one is ludicrous. London has NINE airports, five of them handling commercial aviation from Europe and the world. Melbourne really does need two airports, but ignoring the need for an effective, inexpensive, high speed service for getting people from the airport to the CBD or hotels is not an option.

  9. Ditto Tammy. Melbourne needs trains, trains trains. One to the airport, several more to cover Melbourne fringes and coastal regions. A bullet train to Geelong. A bullet train to Sydney and one to W.A.

    Government bite the bullet stop spending money on roads and spend it on trains. The population is growing and it takes more and more time to get around. Having another airport just adds more traffic congestion and more CO2.

  10. We don’t need another airport, we simply need Tullamarine to be accessible by train, and not only back in via the loop, though that would be an improvement.