Where is Melbourne’s best bánh mi?

The bánh mì at Mister Truong's never disappoints.

According to the ads, you should put some pork on your fork. They obviously don’t know about bánh mì.

For the uninitiated, bánh is Vietnamese for bread and means wheat – so a bánh mì is basically a Vietnamese sandwich.

If you’ve ever tasted a decent bánh mì, you know that the best place for pork is definitely not on a fork – pork should be stuffed in the cleavage of a buxom Vietnamese baguette, together with sliced chili, pickled carrots and a few sprigs of coriander.

Bánh mì can be filled with all sorts of porky goodness; everything from steamed or roasted pork belly to Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork to pork liver pâté, and soft pork meatballs to pork floss (don’t ask).

Ever since we found the $5 bánh mì at Mister Truong’s on Melville Road, we’ve had a hard time leaving Brunswick. Truong’s signature Vietnamese sandwich is so on-point that pork-lovers flock from miles around to get in on the action.

Could there be a better bánh mì in Melbourne? We doubt it. But if you think you’ve sniffed out Melbourne’s best bánh mì, do the right thing and tell us where it is!