Where is the best gym in Melbourne?


Finding a decent gym in Melbourne usually involves recommendations from workmates and friends, but sometimes it’s hard to find somewhere in your local suburb. Today we’re looking for recommendations on the best gym in Melbourne… or at least reasons why your local gym is awesome.

Some people are quite happy to join up at a chain gym like Fitness First or Jetts, just as long as they have decent customer service. If you’re lifting weights or doing classes at a chain gym like this, is your local branch any good?

There’s also loads of independent gyms around the inner suburbs which are often much cheaper, but still rank amongst the best gyms in Melbourne because of their personalised service. These often include council-run or YMCA health clubs which also include a pool and sauna as part of your membership price.

Whether you’re building muscle or a cardio addict, let us know what you rate as the best gym in Melbourne and why you’re happy to recommend them.


  1. I got sucked into FF First Flinders St…and their new catch phrase `we listened to you’ crap’.
    I gave them a feedback on their feedback card and got zero response from them. This is what Ui call lack of customer service. And oh, anyone planning to join, platinum gyms are no better than the regular gyms. Don’t understand why they call them THEM PLATINUM. Service is in fact worst, especially Flinders St-really friendly when trying to woo you in, then they don’t wanna know you right after.

  2. 50k from the city but beaconsfield fitness centre and gym $400.00 12 months ! Come on :)

  3. Melbourne City Baths – decent rates, friendly people, no crowds of people waiting for equipment or cramped classes and there’s even a pool and an outdoor rooftop exercise deck! I love it there!

  4. Healthy Ambitions, 68 Rebecca Walk in the CBD, just across the river from Crown. Fun lunchtime boxing and cardio classes, they also have after work sessions as well.

  5. South melb. Re-creation. Besides the fact that I’m there. They have the hottest girls in leggins. Just lov it. Mick


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