Where is Melbourne’s Best Nude Beach?

Where are Melbourne's best clothing-optional beaches?

As things heat up this summer, most sun-loving Melburnites will hit the beach for a refreshing dose of sun, sand and salt water. The freer beach-goers among us will ditch the convention of clothing and go au naturale at our closest nude beaches.

Now, although topless sunbathing is common at many local beaches, there are only a handful of places where you can legally get your gear off. Victoria has three legal clothing-optional beaches where nude bathing is permitted: Sunnyside North Beach at Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula; Southside Beach at Anglesea, between Bells Beach and Point Addis; and Point Impossible Beach at Torquay.

Whether you are serious about naturism, or you simply fancy a casual skinny-dip, these three official clothing-optional beaches are probably your safest bet. But surely there are some off-the-grid spots where beach bums can bare their all to the sun gods. Do you know any good unofficial nude beaches or coastal havens? Give us the skinny!