Where is the best pub trivia in Melbourne?


Catching up with your mates and having a bash at a round of pub trivia is a weekly institution for many groups of friends. Whether it’s a rock themed trivia night in Melbourne or just a game of general knowledge with a couple of silly challenges thrown in for fun, there’s plenty to choose from. So which is the best pub trivia in Melbourne?

Some of the pub trivia nights we frequently hear touted as the best include Jess McGuire’s pop culture-themed trivia at the Corner Hotel in Richmond – that rooftop is a pretty sweet place to play a round of trivia (and you can’t beat a game called “tits and arse” which allows you to win a bonus jug of beer).

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve heard that the Albion in Port Melbourne runs pub trivia which is deliberately designed to be difficult and challenging – probably not a good combination with beer.

Where do you consider to be the best pub trivia in Melbourne and why?


  1. There are a bunch of meh Trivia nights in Melbourne. The best 2 I’ve been to in town are the Taphouse in St Kilda and the Common Man Common Knowledge Trivia Tuesdays.

    In terms of affordability – Taphouse is good but Common Man has great food and drink specials/happy hours to keep the table fed and watered.

  2. Dan O’Connell Hotel in Carlton is awesome.
    Great venue, great trivia, great food also.

    Every Wednesday from memory around 7pm start.

  3. Thursday nights at The Metropolitan in the city is a relaxed night of trivia, fun, great food and with Dom your friendly host there to make sure everyone has a good time. It’s a great kick start to the wknd.
    Be sure to book a table.

  4. Check out the new trivia at Mail Exchange hotel – Bourke street Tuesdays. NO pens and NO paper, just wireless buzzers. Much more fun and exciting – and Damo the host is great!

  5. There’s a new pop culture trivia night starting on Mondays at the John Curtin Hotel in Carlton, and I think it’s going to be awesome [and I’m not just saying that because I’m running it…]

  6. The Empress on Nicholson St, Fitzroy do a good music trivia on Sunday nights. Just try and get a table in the main room with the stage or you won’t be able to see a thing!

  7. Seconding the Corner Hotel recommendation. The only bad thing about it: I hate having to take a slab of Melbourne Bitter home – first place, my arse!

    PS: our crew never cheat on our iPhones – we’re too busy making stupid posts on Twitter!