Where are the most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne?


Without getting too serious, which dangerous suburbs in Melbourne are you usually a little uncertain about visiting?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be an entire suburb, either…. perhaps there’s a distinctly questionable pub, street or local area that you make a point of avoiding because it seems like a dangerous part of Melbourne.

Share any cautionary tales you have, and let everyone else know; but let’s keep it lightweight here – we’re not trying to depress everyone! Where do you think the most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne are located?

Note: keep it nice, any offensive posts wil be removed.


  1. Anywhere the Muslims are setting up an enclave is a no go zone!!!! Been all over the world and its always the same,immigrate ,breed and take over!!!just an observation!!Australia is gone!!!

  2. Well l can tell you l have lived in quite a few states in australia the last place l lived in was QLD.for 11 years not knowing melbourne at all we made the mistake of buying a house in werribee . Now l was raised in Greenacer NSW anyone from sydney knows thats a no go zone and has been for the last 15 or 20 years. So l am no stranger to having to look over your shoulder while being out and about.but l can tell you werribee is a dump and not safe as soon as l can l am soo out of this place . Hoons and crime every where . So if you are a vampire and don’t need to sleep ..because you certainly won’t get any here. And you really don’t care about your valuables meaning the second you leave the house some scumbag is helping himself to your hard earned goods drug deals in the shopping center flashers at the train station car jackings at the lights . Crack heads pros junkles beggers . You name it good old werribee has it

  3. has anyone noticed that all the suburbs people are nominating as melbournes worst are suburbs refugees/immigrants have relocated to?coincidence,or a reality check on who and what we are letting into our once beautiful,peaceful country.

  4. Macleod in North Melbourne has become one of the most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne. A spate of violent break ins has emerged by suspected ice addicts who are targeting the once peaceful area. It has been reported that the break ins occur during the day while the residents are believed to be at work, however thoes who did happen to be home during the forced entries encountered verbal abuse, threats, brutal bashings and stabbings. Residents have said they feel afraid to be in their own homes and allow their kids to play on the street. The northern suburbs are no stranger to this kind of crime with similar occurances over the years in neighbouring suburbs such as reservior, summerhill, preston, thomastown, lalor and epping.

  5. look as far as me and my family are concerned some of the north west and western suburbs are a no go during the day might be fine but at night NO WAY i see these exits on the freeway on the way home from a nightshift never will take them.
    here is my top 3 suburbs excluding the CBD

    3. West sunshine 3020 : if you have so much as mild road rage avoid this suburb giving someone the bird around here even from your car might get you in alot of trouble if you or cost you alot more then you think if you dont know the ins and outs dont come here at all you wouldnt need to anyway if your not local

    2. Frankston 3199 : particularly north Frankston After Dark if your not from there dont go there and if you have a Fancy car dont go there at all.

    1. Broadmeadows Upfield Area :3047:3061: I moved here stayed for a couple months and left it is truly the bottom the forgotten side of Melbourne some people that live here dont feel safe so you even driving threw here after the street lights come on shouldn’t be an option even to see a friend, Upfield End of the line one way up one way down, other then the food which is mainly Turkish – Middle eastern, everything is going downhill industrial decline unless your qualified your are useless FORD is Practically closed === unemployment is at 25 % !!!! compared to the VIC average of 13 % the drug ICE was allways a problem in this area it just hit everywhere else recently which made it a big problem this area had been suffering for years and all its doing is breeding new junkies and drug dealers, drop out teens all over the streets during school hours some how some of them have jewellery on every finger, after dark hoons all over the Roads especially when they have a meet which allways happens to be here at the local maccas kebab joint or park , fireworks on a nightly bases sometimes mistake for gunshots. theres almost never peace and quite either you hear a hoon tearing it up or boys down the road being too loud Car roll pass bumping music so the whole block could listen to what his listening to >.<,ambulance cops fire engines almost on a nightly basis especially the last 2, A lot dose not make the news here due to it being common place or they cannot find the Criminal involved

    look all 3 are not safe places to be period, let alone move in but if you are going to move in make sure you have a close friend or relative that lives in the area , help you out so you dont look lost

    I have told you my experiences and my knowledge i have lived an worked around melbourne 8 + years i lived in Melton , Preston and Brunswick and now i live in Coburg north and couldnt be happier ;)

  6. To Proud Homeowner-You are correct. My twin-brother Stephen(& his wife) used to live at our old family home in Balwyn and moved to the City, because he wanted to experience ‘real people’ again. Balywn & it’s neighbour Camberwell are over-hyped dumps, that are trading on their past ‘good’ reputations.I also have a special poem in mind for the a**holes that live in Balwyn and Camberwell ( & Brighton too & stuck up snobs as well) it’s called – HAVE A NICE DAY
    I used to live in a place (Balwyn & Brighton)
    Where the people are very mean and very unclean
    They are common and dull, primitive and crude
    They see it as a national pastime to be provincial and rude!
    To proud homeowner, say hello to Tina and her mate Donna for me as well, I really enjoyed the ‘fan mail’ (poison pen letters) they put in my letter box in Glenhuntly- Have A Nice Day Now

  7. To Dismantler- you are correct ! Australian people are dull morons who live in sheltered boring suburbs and one my poems says it all REACH FOR THE STARS
    I love the dull and the way they work
    They play the rat-race game with a big smile and a smirk
    I love the dull and their smiles, yuppy arrogance towards their so-called work.
    (And you’re too nice to know the rest and I think that’s the best!)
    Yeah I went to Russia, especially in Moscow, that’s real crime, real life, not the dull Disney World that we call Oztraylia, thanks for your input Dismantler.

  8. To Anonymous- you are correct ! My little Polish mate, Alex had his beat-up old van stolen from Dandenong (& even the druggies from Clayton & Caulfield didn’t want this van) and his trolley, tools, another trolley. My mate Thommo also lived there and said it was dangerous to wander around at night, especially with the African refugee kids. Another Polish guy, I know called Tom, got ‘jumped’ by an African kid in Noble Park (Tom is a painter by trade), whilst doing a painting repair job, in broad daylight !!! Dandenong is the King of da Krime and help makes Caulfield & Clayton also ‘runner-up’ hoods as they are all on the same train line.

  9. i think Frankston is the most dangerous suburb to live in because it’s to far from the cbd area and many young people are unemplyed and taking drugs and alcohol plus you would not wand to be out doors at night.

  10. I work in broad meadows and I grew up in gissy and currently hang out in sunbury and Romsey everyone makes there own trouble around here being influence by what happens in other peoples lives in completely different places as I said it’s about what a human being is willing to do and except the result of the his/her actions .

  11. So I’ve lived in country victoria all my life. The country town I live in is just as sketchy (if not more) as the “bad suburbs” in Melbourne. From meth to shootings, you don’t hear about these things all over Australia and certainly not across the globe. Melbourne city can be unsafe during the night in places other wise it is a safe place to live.

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  13. I went to Footscray recently (on the way to the country), this ‘ghetto’ makes St Kilda & Chapel Street look like Brighton Beach! I also heard Melton is supposed to be bad, but it looked OK to me on the way to the country, lots of horse paddocks. Also Dandenong Central is also very bad & nasty looking. So is Clayton. Also Caulfield North & near the Caulfiled station is a bit dodgy. Lot’s of drug addicts live in Caulfield North these days,( on the same train line as Dandenong, Springvale & Clayton), druggies can score drugs easy in Caulfield, (between St Kilda & Clayton ,train & tram options, druggies never buy tickets). Also I heard South Melbourne is bad these days (too close to Footscray & North Melbourne). Port Melbourne is still a bit dodgy in some parts. Richmond & Collingwood a few druggies still there. Hawthorn & Camberwell also ‘over priced’ & too close to Richmond & Collingwood. Camberwell in slow decline like Caulfield. Camberwell in between drug’ hotspots’ of Victoria St Abbotsford & Box Hill. (like Caulfield is in between sleazy Chapel St & Clayton). Glen Waverley & Scoresby much nicer suburbs in the East these days, better than Camberwell & Hawthorn & better value for money for renters & buyers. Frankston & Werribee, lots of surfers & bogans, but getting better.
    Point Cook very nice I heard. North Geelong very rough I heard, it looked a bit run-down when I went through Geelong. South Geelong alot better. Prisons are based in North Geelong & Remand Prison is near North & West Melbourne.

  14. Please!! Melbourne’s soft no real hard suburbs, full of free settlers.. Come to Western Sydney Sin City Steak&kidney..

  15. well sunbury is not a country town because it’s got a metro rail service I used to live in gisborne and my friends got robbed and someone scratched the f word on my car

  16. I think West Brunswick, parts of Ascot Vale and Coburgbecause of all the illegal crystal meth – ice – labs in flats and backyard sheds.
    These places can explode ( a few have) and destroy all the flats and houses around them, plus making the crystal meth releases poisonous fumes to all the neighbours.
    The police don’t have the resources to deal with it.
    Before you move somewhere check the neighbours’ day and night, and ask the Body Corporate about the other tenants.
    You don’t want to be blown up or poisoned.

  17. these are the suburbs to avoid
    30 min north west don’t chose sunbury or gisborne
    30 min south east dandenong,officer,pakhenem,cranbourne,carrum,frankston
    30 min west werribee
    30 min east ring wood
    30 min north broadmedows
    30 min north East Epping
    15 min south balaclava,elsternwick,st kilda
    15 min east box hill
    15 min north west sunshine
    5 min west footscray

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  20. My 90 year old grandmother still walks to the shops in Alfrieda St St Albans and she is perfectly fine. Unless you are a druggy or gang banger looking for trouble, trouble will find you. These are well built 50’s style housing that will have no maintenance requirements for another 50 years (My Grandfather built his brick house in StAlbans in the 50’s with Australian hardwood. Not pine.

    You can get the best Vietnamese restaurants and cheapest freshest Seafood (High turnover) in Alfrieda St St Albans.

    I am sick of people from the richer areas running down working class suburbs. We have more interesting world sourced shops to buy from, and we don’t get ripped off! Our children learn about different cultures, geography, and other interesting things. And the Sudanese migrants are making marvelous development.

  21. No problem Chris : )

    I lived in In Istanbul for 12yrs and 4yrs in NYC. Istanbul’s population around 14 million and i can assure you that it is absolutely safer than NYC (while i also never had any issues in NYC either). Despite of the population it is very clean and safe but as you mentioned; there some parts are a bit risky than rest in both cities
    With these comparison i totally got what you guys meant.
    Thank you !

  22. Hi Elise, I can tell that based on experience and friends who are from overseas, Istanbul and NYC are def mich less safe in terms of crime rate per capita (Especially petty crime such as bah snatching). There has overall been a.decrease in violence in Melbourne, compares to the 1990s, however the new “King hit” tragedy is at an alltime high. HOWEVER…In your case you and your family will be fine, just avoid King street area of cbd and nightclubs generally, as well as certain areas late at night (Sunshine, St Albans, Footscray, Victoria stRichmond, Springvale, noble park, dandenong)). Those areas however are completely fine during day. I would suggest a suburb with a community feel and lots of families which also has shops and cafes. Maybe try Fairfield, Alphington, Ivanhoe, Northcote, Thornbury, Abbotsford, Ormond/Mckinnon, Essendon, Camberwell, they are all ideal spots however might be a little bit pricy to rent. Hope that helps :-)

  23. Thank you! I can handle to protect myself but i am just worrying for my child.
    I appreciate for your comment.

  24. Essie pay no heed to these comments Melbourne is one of the safest cities in the world, most of the posters here have clearly not been out of Melbourne much if they truly believe what they post here. Like any city its got its good suburbs and its not so good. But even Melbourne’s worst suburbs are hardly no go ghetto’s. Its just that this city has a lot of snobs who have lived very sheltered lives.

  25. We suppose to move there for my husband’s job but after reading the comments i am really scared to move there for my 8yrs old child !
    I lived in NYC,Milan,Luxembourg,Istanbul,Frankfurt and Antwerp ; Never read or seen such a high crime or issues (school kids attacking etc) in these cities i lived…
    I hope that my husband will reject the offer after reading these comments….

  26. I have worked security all over Melbourne for last 23 years in the roughest most volatile places ever. Dandy, footscray,west heidleberg , St. Albans, sunshine, port Melbourne 20 years ago, springvale, broady, and these places are all like a kindergarten class compared to working overseas in Mexico, America, Peru, Columbia, and Brazil were security guards are Armed and venue owners hire real deal armed gangsters to assist the security. These wanna be gangsters / junkies in Melbourne would not last 2 seconds over there what we call rough they would call a romantic comedy. It’s a completely different scale not even explainable. Instead of calling that tv series underbelly it should be called jellybelly. This is a very safe country believe me our supposed rough areas here would are a safe haven if anyone thinks it’s rough here there in fairyland and really need to drink done concrete and harden up