Where is Melbourne’s worst suburb for McMansions?


We’ve all heard about those certain areas of Melbourne which are sprouting up with miles and miles of McMansions. These insta-mansions always seem a little bit too big for any regular sized household – they usually look more like a fortress than an actual home. Which Melbourne suburbs do you think are becoming the worst culprits for McMansions?

Critics debate the effectiveness of McMansions in assisting the growth of local communities – a common reasoning is that it’s better to have a more modest collection of high-density housing, especially given the population growth we’re experiencing in Melbourne. It’s definitely the cheaper option, too, which is certainly something to consider in the existing Melbourne housing market.

But there’s no denying it – most newer suburbs which are popping up in the greenfields areas of Melbourne’s perimeter have been stuffed to the gills with these McMansion style homes.

Perhaps McMansions are on their way out of style in Melbourne – a quick look at the real estate websites displays more McMansions for sale than you’d expect.

Which suburb do you rate as the worst culprit for being filled with McMansions, and why?


  1. Pretty much everywhere now, but I’d say Balwyn. Large blocks with massive (and ugly) houses. The Aussie backyard is disappearing.

  2. i think Point Cook is McMansion Central. It is FULL of them, spilling out into trendy new suburbs called “Truganina”, “Captains’ Landing” and Tarneit. Its feral. I used to live in one that was in long row of exactly the same design McMansion, and on occasion Id almost go into the wrong one! :(

  3. I reckon all of Caulfield (City of Glen Eira), has been ruined by ugly and monotonous McMansions, thankgod Glen Eira still has some heritage laws that has saved Bentleigh & Elsternwick from this ugly intrusion.
    Also nearby Beaumaris has some ugly McMansions, but unlike Caulfield, Beaumaris is a more modern bayside suburb and the McMansions don’t look so obvious.

  4. The reason i chose caulfield to be the worst mcmansions suburb.
    Caulfield is the suburb for housing affordability crsis.

    Exspensive land unaffordable.
    Mcmansions in caulfield cost over $1.5million
    Caulfield is a nice area low crime no hooners.

  5. the new estate in bundoora. i don’t know why. millpark/bundoora is also a great place to be harassed by racist hoons, or so my friend from bundoora tells me.

  6. Melbourne Caulfield victoria 3162. inner city mcmansion suburb

    drive around the side streets you see mcmansions in every streetscape


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