Where is the best restaurant for outdoor dining in Melbourne?


On a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne, nothing beats al fresco dining in our city. Whether it’s lazing by the banks of the Yarra and grazing over some share plates, or relaxing in a quiet beer garden with some pub grub, there’s plenty of choices. Which Melbourne restaurant or venue gets your vote as the best outdoor dining in Melbourne?

The number of choices along the Yarra is definitely growing – initially restricted to dining selections along Southbank and Crown Casino, Northbank is expanding with a number of interesting new eateries. Are any of these venues your favourite outdoor dining venues in Melbourne?

Perhaps it’s just your local pub’s beer garden. The Railway Hotel in South Melbourne and the Great Northern Hotel in Carlton are some popular choices around town (and can anyone really beat the Belgian Beer Garden?). Which of your pubs are great for outdoor dining?

Let us know which pubs and restaurants are the best for outdoor dining and why they’re your favourites.


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