Where to buy Melbourne’s best fresh seafood?

Where are Melbourne's freshest fish hiding?

The frozen seafood section at your average Melbourne supermarket will leave any fish-loving foodie underwhelmed and uninspired. If you want to do justice to your favourite seafood recipe, ocean-fresh produce is a must.

But finding fresh seafood at a reasonable price isn’t always easy in Melbourne. Unlike Sydney, where you can shop shoulder-to-shoulder with top-notch restaurateurs at the Pyrmont Fish Market, the seafood situation here is more decentralised. Most Melbourne suburbs have a decent local fishmonger but you can’t always count on that straight-from-the-sea, still-twitching freshness that makes great seafood great.

Who would you say offers Melbourne’s best daily fresh seafood selection? We have snapped up some quality marine morsels at Canals in North Carlton, Conway in Footscray, and Claringbolds in South Yarra – but surely that’s not all Melbourne has to offer. Where do you go to snag the catch of the day?