Where’s the best area of Melbourne for a pub crawl?


pub-crawlPub crawls – they always start out jolly and end in disaster, if you can even remember what happened.

But picking the right stretch of pubs can turn a good pub crawl into an awesome one.

Where’s your favoured area of town for over-the-top pub crawls?


  1. just within the melb cbd , there literally hundreds and hundreds of pubs/bars which you can crawl from one to another. Good place to start is Exhibition street and gradually work your way to Spencer St! Not sure if its humanly possuble to do it in one nighter though! ;-)

  2. North Melbourne. Loads of good spots, and if the night goes long enough you can pop into the Vic Markets for breakfast.

  3. Definitely the city. You can start straight after work and drink your way around town and take the train home.

  4. Sydney Road, starting from Moreland Road and working down towards the city-end

    or the 109 Tram pubcrawl is apparently good too