Which cafes are great examples of the coffee scene in Melbourne for visitors?


Melbourne is Australia’s undisputed home of great coffee, and finding the best coffee in town is one of the city’s great loves. There’s a reason that our best coffee in Melbourne page is one of the most visited pages on this site! This time around, though, we’re after something a little different: which cafes are a great overview of the Melbourne cafe scene for visitors?

Think about it – although there’s always local cafes which do a great brew, they’re not always necessarily a great overview of the Melbourne coffee scene for visitors. We’re thinking about some of the larger, more popular cafes like St Ali, Proud Mary, Seven Seeds and the Auction Rooms in North Melbourne. Although they may incur a long wait time to get in, and they’re not always the cheapest; they’re quintessentially Melbourne cafe experiences and a great place to take out-of-town visitors.

Which cafes around Melbourne do you reckon are setting the standard as ambassadors of the city’s coffee scene?