What are the best Melbourne bands?


As a city with such an active live music scene, Melbourne has consistently generated loads of amazing live bands. You need only look at the weekly gig guide for the Tote, the Corner Hotel, the Espy or any other number of local live music pubs for evidence!

Everyone’s got their local favourites, so who do you reckon are the best Melbourne bands going at the moment? They might be smaller and underground, or have gone on to massive success – just as long as they’re from Melbourne, that’s all we care about!

Who do you rate as the best Melbourne bands, and why are they so awesome? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Voodoocain are one of Melbourne’s newest bands with there high energy and presence they are known for leaving a Mark anywhere they go! Check Em out voodoocain.com.au

  2. Black devil Yard Boss – few ex mammal guys in there
    Jackson Firebird are victorian if that still counts….Superheist anyone?!

  3. Dead Star Renegade. Got a live show and a streaming show on the net coming up, set to release their second album late 2013

  4. 23 Red are Melbourne’s best live cover band. Play at the Moonlit Bar & Grill in Frankston awesome rock band!!

  5. The Vaudeville Smash. Best night of funkalicious, boogie-tactic insanity you will come across!

  6. Money For Rope. Keep an eye on them… they’re just starting out in the ‘scene’ but give them a year to really hit their stride!

  7. Death Valley Mustangs!! Playing at Cherry Bar Saturday night so get on it! Have new ep out and got a grouse review in veri.live.

  8. While I’m sympathetic to stephmcg’s call of the Lucksmiths (love ’em), they’ve had more final shows than John Farnham and perhaps never really hit the heights of Hunters & Collectors!

  9. Definitely Love of Diagrams, amazing music, especially the album Mosaic. Second would be My Disco, but they’re a bit out there, it wouldn’t feel right calling them Melbourne’s best band.

  10. Sophie: Cut Copy. Awesome.

    definitely cut copy. amazing. shimmering, beautiful electronic music that, no matter how awful you’re feeling, will lift your mood. ‘hearts on fire’ from in ghost colours – heartstopping.

  11. Dan: jesus christ Fergus, I couldn’t think of anything worse than those three artists combining

    ouch baby, very ouch :) what have you got against something funky on a sunday afternoon?

  12. How has no one mentioned Bonjah yet? If Ben Harper, Bob Marley & The John Butler Trio had a love child (Not going to even attempt to work out the physics behind that one), Bonjah would be it.

  13. It’s too hard to reduce it to one band, so here’s my current top four. Check em out!:
    1. Ouch My Face – OMF put on a great live show and play a bizarre hybrid of styles.
    2.Little Athletics – Great power trio with baritone guitar instead of bass (for most tracks).
    3. Damn Terran – These guys play rock hard–seriously hard. They’re full of energy and have sweet tunes.
    4. Clavians – This guitar/drums duo sounds like a ensemble. Amazing beats with fat guitar sound.

  14. Caught this “one man band” called Apell on Sat night at Revolver. This guy played funky bass guitar with keys and samples with a male & female singer. It was one of the most original & coolest things I’ve seen in ages. The songs and instrumental tracks were really varied and catchy with great production.

  15. Kimbo!! Arthouse regulars of awesome punk rock. They have an album, & one of the guys works at JB so it’s on the shelf in the Elizabeth store :)
    The Whitlams are from Sydney…