Who makes the best desserts in Melbourne?


Today we’re searching for the best cafes in Melbourne to visit for dessert. Whether it’s a sweet dessert or something a little savory, there’s many Melbourne restaurants that creates delicious desserts. Which is best?

Great desserts can arrive in many forms, and often depends on your taste. Are you strictly into chocolate desserts, or desserts with cream? Who specialises in these kinds of sweet treats in Melbourne? If you prefer a more formal dessert with wine, perhaps there’s a great little cafe you can suggest.

The title for the best Melbourne ice cream is hotly contested, too… everyone seems to be a fan of Jock’s Ice Cream and Gelato in Albert Park. Le Petit Gateau in the CBD is also constantly touted as home to Melbourne’s best desserts. Have you tasted anything recently that could take the crown from these two?

Nominate and vote on the best desserts in Melbourne in the comments below.


  1. The pavlova at Rockpool is simply extraordinary. Impossibly light and fluffy, a dessert delight!

  2. Strange choice this one but the key lime pie at Captain Americas hamburger heaven in Ferntree gully is epic!

  3. Bossy Boots in Bay st, Brighton is unsurpassed in my mind. Whatever your passion be it Danish, Croissant, Cupcakes, Sponge, Lemon meringue pie a cookie or slice, Bossy Boots is top notch.
    Don’t miss the beesting made with brioche dough and fresh daily.
    This place is the only reason youll see me on the southside.