Which Melbourne street has the most personality?


Everyone has their favourite streets in Melbourne – whether it’s in the city, in one of our inner city suburbs, or just your local high street. Our favourite Melbourne streets all have a lot of stories to tell – so which Melbourne street do you think is most bursting with personality?

In winter, nothing beats the beauty of a freshly rained Collins Street – and there’s so much history behind the walls of those shopping boutiques.

St Kilda has more than its fair share of streets with bustling personality – Acland Street and Fitzroy Street aren’t as bohemian as they used to be (you might be more interested in Collingwood’s Smith Street if you’re after that kind of atmosphere) but they’re still favourites with many locals.

Perhaps you prefer the simplicity of the city end of St Kilda Road – an amazing boulevard when the weather is warm.

These are just some of the city’s beautiful streets. Which Melbourne street do you rate as having the most personality, and why?


  1. Sydney Rd. Middle Easter food, cafes, refurbished pubs, bars, Mediteranean oldies, hipsters, hippies, trams, bikes, souped up bogan cars, VWs, multiplicity of supermarket of the same brand, ethnic groceries, bridal shops, op shops, sparkly bear.

  2. Degraves st Melbourne is amazing! All the cafes and little shops and the surrounding boutiques and arty places. Definitely worth a visit. great coffee too.

  3. Alfrieda St, St Albans.

    The biggest gang of Vietnamese men (They are all over 40) sit out front of a Vietnamese restaurant. Me and my friend decided if they are there it must be good. Best Vietnamese at the cheapest price I ever had.

    The Street is like being in an upmarket Steet in Ho Chi Mihn.