Which Melbourne suburb has been changing for the better?


As our city grows and changes around us, some Melbourne suburbs which previously had a pretty terrible reputation are suddenly becoming incredibly attractive places to live. Which suburbs do you think have been changing for the better, and could one day have a serious shot at the title of Melbourne’s best suburb?

Northcote is the classic example here – in the 1990s, Northcote had a pretty bad reputation as a fairly rough part of town. It certainly wasn’t the gentrified, family-friendly haven that we see these days. This influence also seems to be spreading up through Thornbury, and we’ll probably see Preston gentrify completely before long as well… but how far north will this trend continue?

There’s also the transformation of the inner west. We’re wondering if the gentrification of Kingsville, Seddon and Yarraville will spill over into West Footscray – there’s already a number of cool little cafes popping up around that area…

Speaking of which, Footscray still doesn’t have the best reputation going, but there’s no denying that it’s been changing for the better over the past ten years. We’re tipping it will eventually develop into a somewhat more multicultural hybrid of Brunswick’s Sydney Road and Collingwood’s Smith Street.

But that’s just our thoughts. Which Melbourne suburb do YOU think has been changing for the better?


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