Which pub in Melbourne has the best range of beer on tap?


You can visit any old bar if you’re just looking for great deals on beer – but not many pubs take the time to create a carefully selected and incredible selection of tap beers.

Maybe it’s a micro brewery in Melbourne, or perhaps it’s one of the larger beer boutiques which are popping up with a rotating selection of beers on tap. Whether it’s a pub brewery or a mega bar like Transport, who has the best range of beers on tap around town?

Of course, another way to sample a whole load of tap beers in a short amount of time is to check out a brewery tour – any recommendations for these as well?

Whether it’s a bar specialising in local microbrews or something as specific as beer from Belgium, share your favourite bar with the best range of beer on tap below.


  1. Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne (eureka tower) – 35 taps, including global craft, 180 bottled beers and a hand pump ale, which alternates between Red Hill and Holgate

  2. TRU BRU. What a new little gem in South Yarra. 20+ taps of beer and cider to take away. Awesome local for us.

  3. Local tap house and Josie Bones for sure. Although Josie doesn’t have as many on tap but definitely a lot in the fridge.

  4. Craft beers are nice but a lottery. I prefer a VB where I know what I’m going to get. But I’ve yet to find a pub with VB on tap. Can anyone tell me where I can find it?

  5. Another big tick for the local taphouse in St Kilda (East). Known simply as ‘the local’, it has a Veritable ‘menu’ of beers. The local Also has Live music, decent menu, and huge balcony with a fireplace. just to be plain cheeky it has an indoor bocce court too. Dammit Im going there now.

  6. The Local Taphouse, St. Kilda… excellent International range & local boutique/microbrew range, with regular rotating tap specialties.

  7. The Park Hotel @ Werribee …16 craft beers on tap and around 300 in the fridges – yes it was definitely a surprise but an awesome one!

  8. For me it’s the Local Taphouse in St.kilda or True South brewery in Black Rock or 2 Broters Brewery in Moorabbin